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Illinois car accident sends 3 people to the hospital

Drivers can take many precautions to maintain their safety and the safety of others. They can ensure there are no distractions in their car and follow all applicable laws and rules of the road. Unfortunately, in some instances, there is a little more than a strip of yellow paint in the center of the road protecting one driver from another. Just as in a recent car accident in Illinois, a car that crosses the center line can cause significant damage.

4 vehicles involved in car accident in Illinois

For many people in this country, the ability to drive and provide their own transportation allows them to live an independent life. Unfortunately, a person's age, or some illnesses, could impact an ability to drive without jeopardizing their personal safety and the well-being of others nearby. For example, a recent car accident in Illinois, allegedly caused by an elderly woman, has taken one life and injured several others.

Woman killed in Illinois motorcycle accident

As spring slowly thaws out the snow from a winter that seemed especially harsh, motorcycle enthusiasts are brushing off their motorcycles and hitting the open road. While drivers in Illinois should always be vigilant, an increase in motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians on the roadways requires additional vigilance. Often, a motorcycle accident involving a traditional motor vehicle can have fatal consequences. Recently, a woman in Illinois was killed in such an accident.

College student killed in fatal accident in Illinois

College students hear constantly about the importance of drinking responsibly. For most, this could simply mean ensuring that a designated driver is in place before consuming alcohol. Unfortunately, responsible individuals who choose to ensure their safety and that of others cannot control the actions of other drivers on the road who have not taken similar precautions. One college student was recently killed in a fatal accident in Illinois that involved a driver suspected of driving under the influence.

Fatal accident in Illinois could end in wrongful death case

Some may say that losing a child, regardless of the events leading to that loss or the age of the child, is one of the most devastating experiences a person can go through. Unfortunately, one family in Illinois is still dealing with the tragic loss of their daughter due to a fatal car accident. While they are still getting through the criminal case against the driver believed to be responsible for her death, they have the separate right to pursue a wrongful death case in civil court.

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