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Illinois car accident sends 3 people to the hospital

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2014 | Car Accidents

Drivers can take many precautions to maintain their safety and the safety of others. They can ensure there are no distractions in their car and follow all applicable laws and rules of the road. Unfortunately, in some instances, there is a little more than a strip of yellow paint in the center of the road protecting one driver from another. Just as in a recent car accident in Illinois, a car that crosses the center line can cause significant damage.

The Illinois accident happened on a recent April morning. Police say that a driver traveling south went off the left side of the road into the grass. As a result, the driver apparently overcorrected, sending the car into northbound traffic. The original car collided with another, sending them both into a ditch.

One driver had to be extricated, and a passenger in one of the vehicles was ejected in the crash. Both required hospitalization, as well as the driver of the other car. Reports indicate that the injuries suffered were life threatening. The identities of the injured have not been released.

The road was closed as Illinois authorities investigated. While all the details of the accident are being determined, it is likely that the injured will have a long road to recovery, filled with medical bills and possibly lost wages. Accidents such as these have been known to create significant financial difficulty for those involved. However, the victims in the second car do have options available to help offset the financial complications created by the injuries suffered. For example, if it can be proven that the car accident was caused by other driver’s negligence, a civil court could award them with damages as allowed under state law.

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