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Multiple lawsuits filed against water park due to ride failures

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2014 | Wrongful Death

Imagine that you take your family to a water park for a weekend getaway. The summer weather was getting the best of all of you, and you needed some time away from the daily grind. “What better place to cool off and enjoy some time off than a water park?,” you think to yourself.

During your time at the water park, your family enjoys all of the usual rides: the wave pool, some water slides, maybe a little lazy river too. After such a fun vacation, you pack it up and head back home. A week passes, and one day you open up the newspaper and see a shocking story: one of the rides at the water park you just visited failed, and someone was killed as a result.

This is the unfortunate reality about water parks. They truly are dangerous, and the facilities they have can fail, leading to people suffering serious or even fatal injuries. Many victims of these water park accidents, or their loved ones, file personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits against the water parks as a result.

For example, consider one particularly dangerous water park in Canada that is currently being sued for two separate incidents where their rides failed. In one, their wave pool caused someone to be repeatedly slammed into the walls of the pool, causing the woman to suffer numerous injuries including a traumatic brain injury. In the other incident, a woman was riding a raft down a water slide and when she reached the landing pool, it didn’t have enough water in it. As a result, the raft hydroplaned across the pool and tossed her onto the concrete walkway. She suffered serious injuries.

Source: CBC News, “Calypso water park facing 3 new lawsuits alleging unsafe environment,” July 8, 2014