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Speeding, negligence involved in fatal St. Louis wreck

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2014 | Car Accidents

A man who was just standing outside of the home of a friend was crushed and killed by an airborne — and allegedly speeding — vehicle. The wreck happened in St. Louis, and the people who live in the neighborhood wish that the city would put in speed bumps in the area. However, current laws forbid speed bumps in residential neighborhoods.

According to witnesses, the people in the vehicle were speeding and they lost control of their car. The vehicle hit a fire hydrant, flipped in mid-air and then landed on the innocent person standing outside his friend’s home. Witnesses also said they saw the car in the neighborhood before, and that the vehicle was driven in a negligent manner. The driver and the passenger fled the scene of the accident.

There are now public calls for the people involved in this wreck to step forward and turn themselves in to the police so that the loved ones of the victim can have some resolution to the tragic wreck.

If the speeding allegation is true, then the driver of this wreck is in a lot of trouble. He already is, given the fact that he fled the scene of a fatal accident — but the negligent nature of the build-up to the crash compounds the fact that he hit and ran.

Once the driver is caught, he will be subject of a criminal investigation — and it very well might turn into a civil matter, with the family likely considering a wrongful death lawsuit.

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