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Truck fails to navigate overpass, collides with it

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2014 | Truck Accidents

You’ve probably driven down many roads in your life and noticed an overpass. Overpasses are such a common sight that they don’t really warrant much attention — but for trucks and truck drivers, they are critical parts of the road that require their full focus. If the truck driver approaches an overpass that is too short for his or her vehicle to get under, then a terrible accident can occur that affects people going under the overpass, and people traveling on the overpass.

This is why those signs that alert drivers to the height of an overpass are so important. Truck drivers are supposed to pay attention to these signs and avoid routes that have overpasses that don’t allow their vehicle to fit.

One truck driver in Illinois was not concerned with this height warning recently, as the driver plowed his vehicle directly into an overpass that the truck simply couldn’t fit under. There were few other details about the story, but what is known is that debris scattered across the area and that the road had to be closed so that crews could work on the area and ensure public safety.

Trucks accidents that involve an overpass are sudden and can cause havoc behind the truck. Cars that are traveling behind the truck could easily collide with the negligent driver’s vehicle and injuries can occur. There are also the people traveling on the overpass who could be affected by the collision, as well as any pedestrians who could be hit by debris as a result of the wreck. When these accidents occur, a full investigation is necessary to find out why the truck driver acted so recklessly.

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