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Family of Illinois accident victim may consider wrongful death

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2014 | Wrongful Death

During holiday weekends, police departments typically increase their enforcement in hopes of lessening the likelihood of an accident taking place. This past Labor Day weekend was no exception, and police forces across the country had more individuals on patrol looking for violations. Unfortunately, even with added officers on the job, a fatal accident could still occur and a wrongful death case could result.

A similar situation recently took place in Illinois that resulted in the death of one individual and life-threatening injuries for another. It was reported that a driver was attempting to get on the northbound interstate from the westbound interstate, and in her attempt, she hit the side of a pickup truck. The impact caused the pickup to travel through the median and hit a vehicle that was traveling south head on.

Presumably, the individuals in the southbound vehicle were the ones that suffered the injuries. It was reported that a female passenger had already succumbed to the injuries before emergency crews arrived. The male driver of the southbound vehicle was extracted from the vehicle and airlifted from the scene. At this time, the driver of the first vehicle involved has been cited for improper lane usage.

Because the accident resulted in a fatality, serious charges could potentially stem from the Illinois accident. In the meantime, the family of the victim may want to consider their options for filing a civil case against the driver deemed at fault. Such a case could allow them to pursue a wrongful death claim that could result in their being awarded monetary reparations for the loss of their loved one as well as any other damages that are permitted should their case be successful.

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