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Hit-and-run crashes can complicate Illinois motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents

When a driver involved in a crash leaves the scene of the accident, the investigation into the event can become more complicated for the authorities involved. Motorcycle accidents in which a driver flees the site can also increase in severity, as injured parties may not be able to receive the medical care they need as soon as if another driver had stayed and reported the accident. Luckily, in many cases such as this, authorities are able to locate the other driver involved.

A similar situation recently took place in Illinois. It was reported that a driver had struck a motorcycle with two occupants on an expressway ramp. Both men on the motorcycle were injured, and when a witness stated that one of the individuals seemed to be dead, the driver of the other vehicle left the scene. However, authorities were able to trace a cellphone that helped state police locate the driver.

At this time, the driver of the vehicle is being charged with DUI, failing to report and leaving the scene of an injury-causing accident. The two motorcyclists suffered serious injuries, but neither was killed in the accident. The motorcycle driver is currently in critical condition, and the passenger required surgery on a broken leg.

Motorcycle accidents can easily result in severe injuries, and if the accident is not reported immediately, victims may suffer longer than necessary without treatment. Unfortunately, both occupants of the motorcycle crash suffered serious injuries and required hospitalization. As a result, they could potentially face financial burdens relating to medical bills and other expenses due to the accident. Therefore, they may wish to consider filing personal injury claims against the driver considered responsible, in order to seek reparations for damages permissible under Illinois law.

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