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Life-threatening injuries stem from Illinois car accident

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2014 | Car Accidents

Many individuals may believe that young drivers are more likely to be involved in a serious accident due to their lack of experience. Because they are so young, many new drivers use vehicles that are owned by their parents, which could lead to the parents potentially being held liable for a car accident in which their children may have been involved. As a result, individuals who may have been seriously injured due to a car accident with a minor may wish to explore their legal options and the best paths for their possible case.

A family in Illinois may be looking into their options after they were involved in an accident involving a 16-year-old driver. It was reported that the family was traveling north when they were hit by a vehicle traveling west. The teenage driver of the westbound vehicle reportedly failed to stop at a stop sign, which resulted in the collision.

A passenger in the northbound vehicle suffered life-threatening injuries in the accident, and the driver also suffered serious injuries. A third occupant of that vehicle was also injured but not as seriously. The 16-year-old driver of the other vehicle was taken from the scene by helicopter, but he was last listed as being in fair condition. At this time, the teen driver has been cited for not obeying a stop sign and not wearing a seatbelt.

Because one of the drivers involved in the Illinois car accident was a minor, it may need to be determined who owned the vehicle that he was driving. If another party was responsible for the vehicle, that party could potentially be held liable in the event. As a result, the injured parties may wish to explore what this could mean for their situation and how it could affect any legal action they may wish to take in order to pursue monetary restitution for medical bills and other damages.

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