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Chain-reaction Illinois car accident results in fatality

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2014 | Car Accidents

When a vehicle breaks down on the roadway, it can become a hazard for other drivers. In many cases, drivers are able to notice the stopped vehicle and adjust their speed and course in order to avoid a collision. Unfortunately, some drivers may not be aware of the hazard or may not accommodate adequately enough to avoid a car accident. In such a situation, a fatality could potentially occur.

A similar event recently took place in Illinois that resulted in the death of man. It was reported that the man had been driving his vehicle south when the vehicle broke down. The car was apparently partially in the left lane and partially on the shoulder of the road. A driver in an SUV approaching from behind attempted to avoid the vehicle, but a pickup truck hit the SUV, which caused the SUV to hit the stopped car. The second collision caused the stopped car to hit another vehicle.

The driver of the first vehicle unfortunately suffered fatal injuries in the accident. That driver, a passenger in the pickup truck and the driver of the fourth vehicle involved were all taken to the hospital. At this time, the driver of the pickup truck has received a citation for failure to reduce speed in order to avoid a collision.

It is very regrettable that this Illinois car accident resulted in the death of a driver. This situation is a prime example of how easily a serious collision could occur and leave a family dealing with the loss of a loved one. As the man’s family comes to terms with the event, they may want to consider whether a wrongful death claim could be something that they wish to file. Such a claim could potentially allow them to work toward gaining compensation from the driver deemed responsible for their loss and other damages.

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