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Lack of information may lead to workers’ compensation in Illinois

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2014 | Workers' Compensation

It is the responsibility of employers to make sure that their workers are aware of the risks they face while performing their workplace duties. If employers do not explain how certain situations could become hazardous, an employee could easily become injured on the job. As a result, a workplace could be the subject of an investigation and citations, and a worker would possibly be in need of workers’ compensation.

A garage in Illinois was recently cited for reportedly putting its workers at risk of hazardous chemical exposure. It was reported that the employer did not properly label containers that contained chemicals that the workers were using. The fines associated with the penalties amount to $66,400. 

Additional issues that were uncovered during the investigation included workers not being properly trained on handling the chemicals, lack of an eyewash station and no training for portable fire extinguisher use. It was also noted that the floors posed a risk for causing slips and falls. A representative for OSHA said that workers should be informed about the materials they are working with and what hazards may come along with those materials.

It was not mentioned whether any individuals had become injured or ill due to the violations found at the Illinois facility. However, these hazards could easily lead to a worker being the victim of a workplace accident. Should an individual become injured or ill due to their employer not taking the proper steps to provide adequate training and information, that worker may be able to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

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