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Motorcycle accidents: Driver sentenced for fatal Illinois crash

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents

In many cases of fatal accidents, individuals who are considered responsible for the accident may face criminal charges. In such a situation, the families of individuals killed in a motorcycle accidents may not be able to pursue a civil case until the criminal case closes. However, if an individual is convicted of the charges leveled against them in relation to the accident, the family may find that verdict helpful if they choose to file their own claim.

A woman in Illinois who was considered responsible for a fatal accident was recently sentenced. Her charges stemmed from a motorcycle accident in which the vehicle she was driving turned in front of an oncoming motorcycle. The motorcycle collided with the turning vehicle, which led to the motorcyclist suffering fatal injuries.

It was also determine that the driver of the turning vehicle was under the influence of drugs at the time of the collision. As a result, the woman was charged with, and subsequently convicted of, felony DUI. She was sentenced to serve seven years in prison.

As this case displays, individuals may go to trial for motorcycle accidents. Now that the criminal trial is coming to a close for the driver involved in this accident, the family of the deceased victim may want to consider their legal options. Due to the outcome of the Illinois crash, they may be able to pursue a civil case for wrongful death against the driver deemed at fault. Such a case may allow them to seek reparations for funeral costs, other expenses and damages related to the fatal crash.

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