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Sleepy drivers could lead to Illinois truck accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2014 | Truck Accidents

As many drivers are aware, operating a vehicle while tired or sleepy can increase the risk of potentially being in an accident. A driver not being as alert as a fully rested individual could suddenly make a driving error that injures that driver or other parties on the roadway. Truck drivers especially have regulations against driving without the proper amount of rest, and if they do not follow those rules, truck accidents could have serious results.

A recent accident in Illinois occurred under similar circumstances. It was reported that a semi-truck driver drifted off the right side of the roadway, and in an attempt to correct the issues, he tried to maneuver his vehicle to the left. Unfortunately, this action caused his truck to turn over. The truck blocked multiple lanes of traffic, and a driver of another vehicle and a driver of another semi-truck were both unable to avoid colliding with the first truck.

Two of the drivers were taken from the scene in order to be treated for injuries. It was not disclosed which drivers were injured or what the extent of those injuries may have been. At this time, it is believed that the driver of the first semi-truck fell asleep behind the wheel, which led to his truck drifting off the roadway.

Due to the size of the vehicles and other factors, it is not unlikely for truck accidents such as this one to involve multiple automobiles. Because this crash resulted in injuries, personal injury claims could potentially result. These claims could allow an injured party or parties to seek compensation against the driver considered responsible for the Illinois wreck. Awarded compensation may be able to help individuals pay for medical bills or other resulting expenses.

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