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Truck accidents with pedestrians not common, but dangerous

Accidents involving 18-wheelers and smaller passenger vehicles rarely have a good outcome for those riding in the smaller vehicle. When pedestrians are somehow involved in truck accidents, the potential for catastrophe is obvious. Without any of the protections afforded to those in a car -- such as seatbelts, airbags and the frame of the vehicle -- most pedestrians are left wholly unprotected.

Motorcycle accidents: Crash claims life of Illinois resident

Some individuals may consider maintaining a proper following distance to be a key factor in avoiding accidents. When there is enough space left between vehicles, a driver may have more time to stop in the event that a vehicle in front suddenly applies the brakes or other similar situation takes place. However, some drivers do not keep enough space between their vehicles and others, and in some situations, fatal motorcycle accidents could be the outcome.

Injured Illinois worker may explore workers' compensation

When employees are forced to work in unsafe conditions, a serious situation could result. A worker could become injured in an accident or suffer long-term negative health effects depending on the workplace conditions. Whether injury or illness results, parties may be entitled to workers' compensation if the situation has come about from an on-the-job incident. In some cases, workers may have to take the situation into their own hands in order to gain better working conditions.

Illinois car accident involving farm equipment proves fatal

In many areas where farming and agriculture are ways that a significant number of individuals make a living, it is not uncommon for tractors and other machinery to be seen on the roadways. However, there are precautions that drivers of agricultural machinery should take in order to ensure their safety and the safety of other drivers, such as having flashing lights or flags on the vehicle. Unfortunately, there are situations in which these vehicles can be involved in a car accident.

Wrongful death case could arise after fatal Illinois crash

When traveling the roadways, drivers are often maneuvering in and out of the paths of the other vehicles. These actions may take place at intersections or other places where drivers may attempt to make a turn. Unfortunately, not all maneuvers are carried out successfully, and accidents on the roadways are common. Many of these accidents can result in fatalities, which could lead to potential civil cases regarding wrongful death.

Driver causes car accident with bus, injures 4 plus herself

People tend to base their decisions about their commute to and from work on several different factors. For some, driving a personal vehicle may be quicker or allow them a brief amount of quiet time before they walk into the hustle and bustle of the office. Others choose public transportation for financial or environmental reasons. Some may even perceive public transportation in Illinois to be less prone to accidents than passenger vehicles are to having a car accident. Unfortunately, this belief may not always be true.

Negligent driving appears to have led to Illinois man's death

Negligence can often lead to an accident in various types of situations. If a driver is not paying the utmost attention while on the roadway, his or her negligent driving could potentially lead to a car crash taking place. If the accident involves multiple vehicles, the risk of an injury taking place possibly increases. In some situations, negligence could even lead to the death of a driver.

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