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Injured Illinois worker may explore workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2014 | Workers' Compensation

When employees are forced to work in unsafe conditions, a serious situation could result. A worker could become injured in an accident or suffer long-term negative health effects depending on the workplace conditions. Whether injury or illness results, parties may be entitled to workers’ compensation if the situation has come about from an on-the-job incident. In some cases, workers may have to take the situation into their own hands in order to gain better working conditions.

It was recently reported that workers in Illinois filed complaints due to unsafe conditions at a rail car manufacturing facility. It was reported that workers are exposed to several hazards due to a lack of safety equipment. Individuals who work atop rail cars are not provided will fall-prevention equipment, welders are not provided with proper respiratory gear, and there are apparently other ventilation problems.

It was noted that injuries have resulted at the facility due to hazards. One worker apparently fell from a scaffolding due to a hole in the structure, which resulted in the employee suffering broken fingers and bruising. The report went on to state that the company blamed the worker for the incident. OSHA is currently investigating the complaints that have been filed.

As this situation shows, unsafe work conditions can lead to serious incidents at the workplace. Illinois workers are being exposed to health and safety hazards that could lead to injury or illness. Because the worker who suffered the broken fingers was injured on the job, that individual may wish to look into pursuing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Though the company stated the accident was the employee’s fault, the OSHA investigation could potentially prove otherwise. Moreover, insurance benefits are typically paid regardless of fault.

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