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Motorcycle accidents: Crash claims life of Illinois resident

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents

Some individuals may consider maintaining a proper following distance to be a key factor in avoiding accidents. When there is enough space left between vehicles, a driver may have more time to stop in the event that a vehicle in front suddenly applies the brakes or other similar situation takes place. However, some drivers do not keep enough space between their vehicles and others, and in some situations, fatal motorcycle accidents could be the outcome.

A similar situation recently took place in Illinois. Reports indicated that a vehicle was traveling behind a motorcycle when it collided with the rear of the motorcycle. It was not detailed what caused the collision to occur. It was mentioned that the event took place after 3 p.m.

The motorcyclist was transported to two different hospitals after the crash, and he unfortunately succumbed to his injuries while at the second hospital. At this time, the driver of the other vehicle has been charged for not maintaining a proper following distance and for not reducing speed. The investigation is ongoing, and additional charges could potentially result if authorities deem them appropriate for the fatal incident.

Motorcycle accidents that lead to deaths are always regrettable. The victim’s family will now likely have many choices to make, including how funeral arrangements for their loved one should be handled. In addition to those decisions, the financial situation could also become troublesome as funeral costs can be expensive. Therefore, they may also wish to gather information on wrongful death claims in Illinois that could potentially help them determine whether they would like to seek compensation for permissible damages.

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