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Negligent driving appears to have led to Illinois man’s death

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents

Negligence can often lead to an accident in various types of situations. If a driver is not paying the utmost attention while on the roadway, his or her negligent driving could potentially lead to a car crash taking place. If the accident involves multiple vehicles, the risk of an injury taking place possibly increases. In some situations, negligence could even lead to the death of a driver.

It was recently reported that a motorcycle operator died months after being involved in an Illinois accident. It was stated that the man had been traveling on the roadway when a vehicle suddenly made a U-turn in front of his motorcycle. The vehicle had apparently been parked before making the turn, and as a result of the attempted maneuver, the motorcyclist collided with the vehicle.

The man was ejected from the motorcycle and suffered serious injuries. He then apparently spent four months in the hospital before recently succumbing to those injuries. The driver of the other vehicle was given a citation in relation to the incident. Because the accident has resulted in a fatality, additional charges could potentially result.

It is regrettable that the negligent driving of the individual in the other vehicle appears to have led to the death of the motorcyclist. Because considerable medical expenses have likely accumulated due to his extended hospital stay, and funeral costs will likely be added to that financial burden, the family of the victim may wish to consider seeking reparations. Filing a wrongful death claim in Illinois against the driver deemed at fault could allow them to pursue a case for their loss and other damages.

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