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Wrongful death case could arise after fatal Illinois crash

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2014 | Wrongful Death

When traveling the roadways, drivers are often maneuvering in and out of the paths of the other vehicles. These actions may take place at intersections or other places where drivers may attempt to make a turn. Unfortunately, not all maneuvers are carried out successfully, and accidents on the roadways are common. Many of these accidents can result in fatalities, which could lead to potential civil cases regarding wrongful death.

A family in Illinois may be considering such a case after a man was killed in an accident. It was reported that the man was driving a pickup truck when he was attempting to make a left turn. While following through with the turn, the truck was hit from behind by another vehicle. This collision caused the pickup to move into the path of a semi-truck, which also hit the pickup.

The driver of the pickup truck was removed from the vehicle by another individual, but he unfortunately suffered fatal injuries. The other drivers involved in the accident suffered injuries that were considered minor. At this time, authorities are investigating the situation, and it was not noted whether any charges may be filed against any of the parties involved.

The loss of the man so suddenly was undoubtedly a shock for his surviving family members. As they work through their grief and questions about the situation, the desire to seek compensation for their loss may arise. If so, filing a wrongful death claim against the driver deemed at fault may allow them to follow through with that desire in order to possibly obtain restitution for damages permitted under Illinois law.

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