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Serious accidents: Illinois pedestrian stuck by UPS truck

Areas where roads intersect can pose hazards for individuals on foot who are trying to cross the street. If a vehicle is turning onto a street that a pedestrian is attempting to cross, the driver may see the individual too late or not see the person at all. As a result of such situations, serious accidents can take place that lead to pedestrians suffering injuries.

Young woman killed in Illinois car accident, others injured

When individuals are in their early 20s, ideas about what will happen in the rest of their lives are often at the forefront of their thoughts. Some people may consider traveling or taking on a new job, and the idea of dying young may not be one that they give much credence too. Unfortunately, young people can just as easily be victims of a car accident as older individuals, and their lives can be cut short.

Car accident proves fatal in Illinois

Being unable to avoid a collision is a situation in which too many drivers find themselves. These collisions may only be minor situations that prove to be nothing more than a small delay, or they could be serious wrecks in which multiple injuries are suffered or lives are lost. A car accident of this magnitude can take a substantial toll on the lives of the survivors and the loved ones of deceased victims.

Illinois worker's family may claim workers' compensation benefits

Industrial workers in Illinois factories are exposed to many safety hazards on a daily basis. Many of those hazards are life-threatening, and employers are expected to ensure that the workplace environment is safe. When workers suffer injuries at the workplace, they are entitled to claim benefits from the workers' compensation fund, and families who lose loved ones may claim death benefits.

Cross-over car accident claims 1 life and injures 4

The number of deaths and injuries resulting from Illinois accidents where one driver crosses over into the lanes of oncoming traffic is concerning. It also commonly leaves a lot of unanswered questions, because the reason for crossing over may be difficult to determine. One person died and several were injured in a recent car accident that followed such circumstances.

Truck accidents: Driver killed when train hits truck in Illinois

Indicators at railroad crossings can play a pivotal role in ensuring that drivers are aware when a train is coming. In some areas, these crossings may not be guarded, which could prove dangerous for drivers. Though truck accidents involving trains are not as common as accidents with other vehicles, if a truck driver is crossing at an unguarded railroad intersection, such an accident could occur.

Workers' compensation may help Illinois man injured in accident

Serious injuries suffered on the job can lead to extensive financial struggles for the injured parties and their families. Individuals who work in construction or other professions where machinery and heavy materials are used are at a particular risk of facing severe injuries if there is an accident. Parties who are facing financial hardship due to an on-the-job injury may want to find out how workers' compensation may help.

Alleged drug impaired driver may face a wrongful death claim

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol endangers the life of the driver and the lives of other road users. Illinois motorists may share the concern of many about the number of innocent victims who lose their lives in accidents where alcohol or drugs are involved. It is not uncommon for impaired drivers to face a wrongful death lawsuit after such accidents.

What you need to know after a hit-and-run car accident

It is normal to feel overwhelmed and confused after a car accident, especially if the other driver is not cooperative or the accident was a hit-and-run. Despite confusing circumstances, Illinois residents still have options for legal recourse. By understanding the proper steps to take after a car accident, it is still possible to secure the financial recovery that is deserved. 

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