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Car accident proves fatal in Illinois

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2014 | Car Accidents

Being unable to avoid a collision is a situation in which too many drivers find themselves. These collisions may only be minor situations that prove to be nothing more than a small delay, or they could be serious wrecks in which multiple injuries are suffered or lives are lost. A car accident of this magnitude can take a substantial toll on the lives of the survivors and the loved ones of deceased victims.

A situation in Illinois had devastating outcomes as two individuals died and one was seriously injured. It was reported that two vehicles were involved in an initial crash when they collided head-on. A third vehicle attempted to avoid the crash, but as a result, the driver lost control and went off the roadway. The driver of the third vehicle was ejected from his car.

The driver of the third vehicle and one of the drivers involved in the initial crash suffered injuries that proved fatal. The other driver was also seriously injured and was airlifted from the scene. As details on the cause of the crash were few, it is unclear at this time which driver could potentially have been responsible for the fatal incident.

Authorities should continue to investigate the car accident in order to gain a more definitive idea of what took place. The examination should help to conclude which driver may have been at fault. Because injuries were suffered by all parties involved, there is a potential for personal injury or wrongful death cases to stem from the situation. These claims may be utilized in order to seek compensation for damages allowable under Illinois law.

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