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Cross-over car accident claims 1 life and injures 4

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2014 | Car Accidents

The number of deaths and injuries resulting from Illinois accidents where one driver crosses over into the lanes of oncoming traffic is concerning. It also commonly leaves a lot of unanswered questions, because the reason for crossing over may be difficult to determine. One person died and several were injured in a recent car accident that followed such circumstances.

It was reported that an eastbound driver of a minivan on an Illinois highway allegedly crossed into the westbound traffic for unknown reasons. A westbound vehicle failed to avoid a collision and smashed into the minivan. A local cheerleading coach who was a passenger in the westbound vehicle reportedly suffered fatal injuries and was declared dead by the coroner less than an hour after the accident. Another passenger in the same vehicle was critically injured and airlifted to a hospital.

One minivan passenger was also airlifted to receive medical care, and a young boy from the minivan, along with the driver was transported to a local hospital by road. The county sheriff reported that, although alcohol did not seem to have caused the accident, further investigations are underway. He said that the road was not wet, and mechanical failure has not been ruled out.

The family of the young Illinois woman who lost her life in this accident will likely be facing high funeral and burial costs at a time when they are grieving the sad loss. All the passengers who suffered injuries and subsequent medical expenses as the result of this accident may also be facing financial difficulties after settling medical bills. However, if negligence can be proved on the part of the minivan driver, wrongful death and personal injury claims may be filed in a civil court. Successful presentation may lead to compensation for losses that were brought about by the car accident.

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