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Workers’ compensation may help Illinois man injured in accident

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2014 | Workers' Compensation

Serious injuries suffered on the job can lead to extensive financial struggles for the injured parties and their families. Individuals who work in construction or other professions where machinery and heavy materials are used are at a particular risk of facing severe injuries if there is an accident. Parties who are facing financial hardship due to an on-the-job injury may want to find out how workers’ compensation may help.

A worker’s family in Illinois is currently feeling the financial strain after the man was injured at work. It was reported that the man was an employee for an engineering company and was acting as foreman on a construction site when part of a crane fell. The part was reported as weighing thousands of pounds, and the man was severely injured in the accident.

The man is currently in intensive care after he suffered injuries to his back, ribs, face, leg and a lung. His wife stated that he currently has a breathing tube and is supposed to have surgery. A coworker of the injured man set up a fundraising account to help the family with the considerable medical expenses. OSHA is currently investigating the accident, but the association did not provide a comment on this situation.

It has already been made known that the family impacted by this Illinois accident is facing considerable financial issues. Though a fundraiser may help, the family may also wish to look into workers’ compensation benefits. Because the man’s serious injuries occurred while he was on the job, he could be entitled to benefits that can help with medical expenses and other financial difficulties stemming from the event.

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