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Car accident leaves Illinois student on life support

When an individual is seriously injured in a car accident, there may be little that doctors can do. Pedestrians who are victims of a car accident are at a high risk of suffering life-threatening injuries due to the circumstances of such an event. In some cases, parents may have to make the exceedingly difficult decision regarding whether to take their child off life support.

Illinois hit-and-run truck accidents can cause serious injuries

Identifying information on a vehicle can become useful when it is suspected to have been involved in a hit and run accident. When a hit-and-run involves a tractor-trailer and a bicyclist, it may be vital to find the truck involved in order for appropriate legal proceedings to be carried out. Truck accidents can cause serious injuries, and a driver that leaves the scene of an accident could face criminal charges, among other legal issues.

Falls, overexertion could mean workers' compensation in Illinois

Understanding the risks that could cause a workplace accident could be helpful in preventing those accidents from occurring. When an accident does take place, a company could face considerable fines and other penalties, especially if the incident could potentially have been prevented. Other than penalties, an outcome of an accident could be than an employee becomes injured, and he or she could possibly be eligible for workers' compensation.

Young people killed in Illinois car accident, others injured

A moment's distraction can be all it takes for a fatal accident to occur on the roadway. A driver may look down for a moment, be sleepy or have any number of other distractions that could contribute to not staying in his or her lane of travel. In cases where a vehicle drifts into another lane, a head-on car accident can result, and lives can be quickly ended.

Car accident causes injuries, death in Illinois

Young drivers may be excited to have the ability to travel on their own to places they would like to go. Unfortunately, those drivers may have their excitement quelled if they are involved in a car accident. Teen drivers likely do not have the experience behind the wheel as many other drivers on the roadway, but a simple mistake from a driver of any age could lead to a fatality.

Illinois workers' deaths could lead to workers' compensation

Many individuals may see their loved ones off to work in the morning and fully intend on seeing them after they get home later in the evening. Unfortunately, not all workers make it home as workplace accidents can cause serious and fatal injuries in some cases. Loved ones are then left wondering how the accident took place and possibly whether workers' compensation may be able to help their situation.

Wrongful death: Teen killed in Illinois accident

When a vehicle is stopped on the side of the road, it is important that other drivers slow down and proceed cautiously. If a driver does not use caution around a stopped vehicle, an accident could occur. In some instances, a driver may get out of a vehicle after it is stopped, and in the event of a car accident, that individual could suffer fatal injuries, and a wrongful death claim could arise.

Truck accidents can be devastating, but action is possible

A few moments is all it takes for a catastrophic accident to occur in Illinois. Truck accidents in particular can be especially devastating when smaller passenger vehicles are involved. Unfortunately, common causes of accidents with 18-wheelers can include fatigued or negligent drivers.

Wrong way car accident kills driver, critically injuries others

A wrong-way driver was recently killed in a crash that he apparently caused in Illinois. The car accident occurred early in the morning. The 26-year-old  -- the vehicle's lone -- struck two vehicles when he drove his car in the wrong direction in the northbound lanes of a road in Chicago.

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