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Car accident leaves Illinois student on life support

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2015 | Car Accidents

When an individual is seriously injured in a car accident, there may be little that doctors can do. Pedestrians who are victims of a car accident are at a high risk of suffering life-threatening injuries due to the circumstances of such an event. In some cases, parents may have to make the exceedingly difficult decision regarding whether to take their child off life support.

A student in Illinois is currently on life support after being hit by a vehicle. It was reported that the 20-year-old man was walking when the accident took place at approximately 8:45 a.m. The driver of the vehicle did not stay at the scene of the collision. The student was not conscious or responsive when he was found.

The young man’s parents are keeping him on life support until his organs can be donated. Though the driver had left the scene, a 21-year-old male has been taken into custody. He is currently in jail and is facing allegations of leaving the scene of an injury-causing accident and DUI. The driver’s bond was set at $750,000.

Having a child on life support is undoubtedly heartbreaking for the victim’s parents. The outlook of his condition is not optimistic, and once taken off life support, the family will likely have many more hardships to face. In order to seek compensation for medical expenses and other damages that could be an outcome of the Illinois car accident, the family may look into civil claims. If the driver is convicted of the charges currently leveled against him, that outcome could potentially increase the chances of success for a civil suit.

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