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Wrong way car accident kills driver, critically injuries others

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2015 | Car Accidents

A wrong-way driver was recently killed in a crash that he apparently caused in Illinois. The car accident occurred early in the morning. The 26-year-old  — the vehicle’s lone — struck two vehicles when he drove his car in the wrong direction in the northbound lanes of a road in Chicago.

Three individuals who were in one of the two cars that he hit were critically injured. Two people from the second car were taken to a local hospital and the third victim was sent to a separate hospital. All three were listed in serious to critical condition. Three others indicated they did not need medical treatment at the scene of the crash.

Police believe that alcohol could have been a contributing factor to the accident. As of now, they are waiting for the results from an autopsy, including toxicology reports, to reveal this for sure. They are also waiting for any other information these tests may be able to provide that could help them piece together the accident.

Wrong way car accidents in Illinois, and throughout the rest of the country, can be very dangerous. One reason for this is because they typically result in two vehicles striking one another head-on. In these situations, individuals are less likely to survive or, if they do, they suffer from life-changing injuries that may cause them to be unable to live their life to the fullest extent possible. Fortunately, victims who are injured and family members of victims who are killed as a result of a wrong way car accident have legal rights to seek just compensation for associated losses.

Source: CBS Chicago, “1 Dead, 3 Critically Injured In Wrong-Way Crash On Lake Shore Drive“, Dec. 22, 2014