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Wrongful death: Teen killed in Illinois accident

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2015 | Wrongful Death

When a vehicle is stopped on the side of the road, it is important that other drivers slow down and proceed cautiously. If a driver does not use caution around a stopped vehicle, an accident could occur. In some instances, a driver may get out of a vehicle after it is stopped, and in the event of a car accident, that individual could suffer fatal injuries, and a wrongful death claim could arise.

A family in Illinois may be exploring their legal options after an individual was killed in a car accident. It was reported that a teenager had stopped his vehicle after striking the median of a roadway and had gotten out to check the damage. While he was outside the vehicle, he was hit by a passing vehicle. The incident led to multiple other vehicles crashing as they attempted to avoid the accident.

The teenager was transported from the scene to an area hospital due to the injuries he suffered. Unfortunately, he later succumbed to those injuries and was declared dead. At this time, authorities do not believe any of the drivers involved in the incident were impaired, and none of the drivers have had charges filed against them.

Though no charges have been filed yet, the investigation could potentially result in a party having allegations leveled against him or her. Nonetheless, the family of the victim may wish to take legal steps of their own by opening a civil case for wrongful death. This type of claim could be filed against a party deemed at fault for the Illinois accident, and such a case could allow the family to seek compensation for resulting damages.

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