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Young people killed in Illinois car accident, others injured

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2015 | Car Accidents

A moment’s distraction can be all it takes for a fatal accident to occur on the roadway. A driver may look down for a moment, be sleepy or have any number of other distractions that could contribute to not staying in his or her lane of travel. In cases where a vehicle drifts into another lane, a head-on car accident can result, and lives can be quickly ended.

An accident in Illinois recently took place under similar circumstances. It was reported that a vehicle was traveling south with three occupants when a vehicle traveling north crossed over the line dividing the lanes. Due to the northbound vehicle not staying in its designated lane of travel, the two vehicles collided head-on.

The driver and a backseat passenger of the southbound vehicle both suffered fatal injuries in the accident. They were transported to area hospitals but unfortunately succumbed to their injuries. A front-seat passenger in that car suffered only minor injuries. The driver of the second vehicle was seriously injured, but she is considered to be in stable condition. Authorities are investigating to determine why the driver of the northbound vehicle did not stay in the correct lane.

The individuals injured and killed in this fatal car accident were young people whose parents will likely have a difficult time coming to terms with the tragedy. As the investigation into the crash is carried out, the parents of the individuals who were killed may want to think about legal action. Because funeral costs and other damages resulting from the fatal Illinois accident can take a considerable toll, filing wrongful death claims in order to seek compensation for those damages may be a viable option.

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