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Fatal crash could be cause for wrongful death claim in Illinois

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2015 | Wrongful Death

Determining the cause of an accident can be vital information, especially if the accident resulted in a fatality. Authorities may rely on various means to gather information, such as witness statements and physical evidence, to conclude what factors may have played a role. This knowledge can prove useful to individuals who may have lost a loved one and wish to file a wrongful death claim.

Such a claim could stem from a fatal accident that recently took place in Illinois. It was reported that a vehicle was unable to remain on the roadway for unknown reasons, and as a result, the vehicle collided with a tree. Reports stated that three individuals were in the vehicle at the time of the accident and that there did not appear to be any other vehicles involved.

All of the occupants were seriously injured, and two of those individuals did not survive. It was noted that emergency crews had to extract two of the parties from the vehicle, but it was not specifically mentioned whether both of those individuals were the ones who died. The surviving individual is currently being treated. Investigators should continue looking into the fatal event to determine potential causes.

Fatal accidents are events that can continue to resonate with individuals for a long time after the incidents are over. The consequences can reach much farther than some parties may have imagined and cause considerable setbacks for affected individuals. Therefore, family members of a fatal accident victim may wish to explore wrongful death claims. A successful claim could lead to loved ones being awarded compensation for emotional and financial struggles as well as other damages allowed under Illinois law.

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