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Illinois truck driver may look into temporary benefits

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

Injuries of any kind can result in parties needing to determine different ways to go about their daily activities. In some cases, injuries can lead to individuals being unable to work until they have recovered, and such a situation could mean a party loses income. If an injury is suffered while on the job, workers’ compensation may be able to provide temporary benefits that could potentially help financially.

An Illinois man may be finding out more information on such benefits after he was seriously injured on the job. It was reported that the man was a truck driver and had stopped at a construction site to make a delivery of supplies. He had apparently parked his semi-truck where there was a “slight incline,” and while he was outside the vehicle, the truck shifted out of park and began to roll.

The man attempted to get back into the truck to stop it, but he became trapped between the truck and a crane being used on the construction site. The man was seriously injured and transported by air to an area hospital for treatment. An investigation into the incident is open, and police are hoping to have the truck inspected to determine whether any malfunctions could have caused the truck to shift.

Because the Illinois man was seriously injured, it is likely that he will not be able to drive his truck and perform his usual duties until he has recovered. As a result, he could potentially lose wages and have other financial difficulties when it comes to paying for medical expenses. He, and other workers who have been injured on the job, may wish to explore workers’ compensation to confirm eligibility for temporary benefits and to seek help in navigating the claims process.

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