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Illinois worker killed, workers’ compensation may apply

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

When individuals work in construction areas, there are certain hazards of which they should be aware in order to make sure that they are not at high risk of being involved in an accident. If a worker is involved in an on-the-job incident that results in injury or a fatality, the situation should be taken very seriously. This type of event will likely lead to an investigation, and workers’ compensation may be applicable.

An accident at a construction site in Illinois recently resulted in the death of one worker. It was reported that the man was 60 feet off the ground and working inside a crane when he became pinned in a lift shaft by a descending cage. Other workers were able to get the man unpinned before emergency crews arrived.

The man was transported from the scene after suffering critical injuries, and he later succumbed to those injuries at an area medical center. A spokesperson for the fire department stated that “little could be done” to treat the man’s severe injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will be conducting an investigation into the fatal event.

As with all fatal events, the situation should be handled with care. The loss of the worker will undoubtedly cause much grief among his loved ones and could result in considerable financial setbacks. Financial struggles are not uncommon after losing a loved one, and, because the fatal accident took place on the job, the surviving family members may be eligible for workers’ compensation death benefits. Information on such benefits in Illinois may help them through the process.

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