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Emotional and monetary losses likely after Illinois accident

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2015 | Wrongful Death

When the loss of a loved one occurs suddenly, many questions may need to be answered. Decisions regarding funeral arrangements may be a top priority, but choices regarding legal action may also take precedent as well. Individuals who lose a loved one in a car accident can face considerable emotional and monetary losses, and filing a wrongful death claim against the party considered responsible could be a valuable option to consider.

A family in Illinois may be contemplating such options after their loved one was killed in an accident. It was reported that a woman was crossing a street when she was hit by an approaching vehicle. It was noted that the woman was in a crosswalk area when the incident took place. The driver of the vehicle reportedly continued traveling and did not stop to help the woman.

The woman unfortunately suffered severe injuries that proved fatal. She was declared dead at an area hospital. The driver of the vehicle was located by police about a mile away from the accident site. The 69-year-old man is currently facing charges of failure to report an accident, failure to render aid and he was cited for striking a pedestrian.

The family of the victim expressed much grief over their loss, and it was noted that the victim was leaving behind a 4-year-old child. As the family comes to terms with the situation, emotional and monetary losses are not unlikely. Funeral arrangements and other expenses can burden a family in such a situation, and seeking compensation could be a viable option. Information on filing a wrongful death claim in Illinois could help in understanding such a process.

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