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Illinois motorcycle crash occurs while trying to change lanes

Merging on an interstate roadway can be tricky for many drivers. There are several aspects that need to be considered while trying to merge into the flow of traffic. Some individuals may not change lanes in order to let other vehicles on the roadway, and some drivers may merge too quickly if they do not see an approaching vehicle. In either case, a serious accident could take place.

Family of Illinois victim could file wrongful death claim

The level of difficulty associated with an investigation may increase if the incident is a hit-and-run accident. If a driver leaves the scene of an incident, authorities are already missing vital information. If such an accident has led to the death of an individual, gathering all information is important to the investigation and for family member of the decedent, especially if they would like to file a wrongful death claim.

Illinois victim's family may qualify for workers' compensation

Accidents are a leading cause of deaths across the country. These fatal accidents can occur in various capacities and in any location. Some accidents may occur at a place of employment, and a worker could suffer fatal injuries. These unfortunate accidents can sometimes be preventable, but if proper precautions are not taken, the family of a victim may be in need of workers' compensation information.

Illinois car accident results after driver runs stop sign

When a vehicle fails to stop at a stop sign, there are various outcomes that could stem from that action. A driver may simply continue traveling, or an officer may stop the vehicle if the action was witnessed. In a worst case scenario, a car accident could result from a driver failing to stop, and serious injuries could be an outcome. If a person is injured in such a situation, pursuing compensation could be an option.

Serious accidents: Illinois driver killed in crash with truck

Fatal accidents can leave behind grieving family members who will likely have numerous outcomes to handle. These repercussions may be emotionally taxing, and loved ones may wonder how they will be able to move on from such an event. Though it may not alleviate all of the stress and hardships of losing a family member, filing legal claims after serious accidents may be an option to consider.

Car accident injures multiple individuals in Illinois

When a driver loses control of a vehicle, that individual and any passengers inside the vehicle are at risk of being injured. Many drivers are unable to get a vehicle back under control, and vehicle crashes can often result. When only one vehicle is involved in a car accident in which multiple people are injured, the driver of that vehicle could potentially face legal action from seriously injured individuals wishing to seek compensation.

Truck accidents: Multiple injuries result from Illinois collision

When a vehicle does not stop at a red light, there is a high chance that an accident will occur. Intersections can be difficult to safely maneuver, and if all drivers are not paying attention, truck accidents or other collisions could easily occur. These accidents can at times be difficult about which to draw conclusions, and investigations are exceedingly important in order to determine who may have been at fault.

Vehicle crashes into building in Illinois car accident

The circumstances under which an accident takes place can vary from situation to situation. Some individuals may be injured in a car accident but not even have been on the road when the crash took place. Vehicles can leave the roadway and crash into houses and other buildings, which puts the occupants of those buildings at risk. If a person inside a building is seriously injured due to a vehicle collision, there may be reason to file a personal injury claim.

Motorcycle accidents: Head trauma leads to Illinois man's death

When a motorcycle and another vehicle collide, it is not unlikely for injuries to result. If an individual is seriously injured or dies in a motorcycle crash, legal action could be a wise step to take. Motorcycle accidents can lead to parties feeling as if they should be compensated for the losses and damages incurred. These feelings are often warranted, and filing a civil claim could assist in the pursuit of that compensation.

Distractions common cause of accidents among teen drivers

Teen drivers in Illinois face many risks on the road. A new study found that distractions play a big role in car accidents among teenagers. The study's findings are not too surprising since we have all heard about the serious dangers of distracted driving and how it increases the risk of getting into a car crash.

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