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Man, woman killed in Illinois car accident

On Behalf of | May 6, 2015 | Car Accidents

When accidents occur, police and other investigators may not be able to immediately discern how the accident took place. As a result, it is important that as much information as possible is gathered and examined before conclusions are drawn. However, it is also important, especially when there has been a fatality, that the driver considered at fault for a car accident is quickly determined.

A fatal accident recently took place in Illinois, but specific details regarding the event were not readily available. It was reported that an accident involving at least two vehicles occurred. A photograph of the scene appears to show that one of those vehicles was a minivan, and the front end of that vehicle was seriously damaged. It is unclear what type of damage the other vehicle involved might have sustained.

The incident led to two individuals suffering fatal injuries, and six individuals were transported from the scene for treatment. It is uncertain whether the two deceased victims were among those six. Authorities are continuing to investigate the incident, and information regarding who may have been at fault for the incident will likely be available at a later time.

As the investigation works to determine the driver considered at fault, family members of the victims will likely be working to make decisions regarding funeral arrangements and other actions in the wake of the fatal car accident. They may also be interested in determining whether they have cause to pursue legal action. Wrongful death claims in Illinois may be able to help surviving family members seek restitution for the death of a loved one when the evidence suggests that the fatality resulted from the negligence of another party to the collision.

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