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Truck accidents: Injuries result from Illinois collision

On Behalf of | May 28, 2015 | Truck Accidents

Injuries resulting from a vehicle accident can often prove burdensome for the injured parties. Truck accidents are often the causes of serious injuries as large vehicles can cause considerable damage. If an individual has been injured as a result of such a crash, that party could likely face medical costs, time away from work and ongoing pain. Luckily, there are options for seeking compensation for such damages.

A recent accident that took place in Illinois could lead to an individual pursuing compensation. Details on the accident were few, but it was reported that a tractor trailer traveling east collided with the rear of a vehicle in front of it. The vehicle in front of the truck had apparently slowed down to make a turn, and the tractor trailer driver did not slow down, which resulted in the collision. 

The incident resulted in one of the individuals involved suffering injuries. It was not known which individual was injured or what the extent of the injuries may have been. It was noted that the driver of the tractor trailer received a citation for failing to slow in order to avoid an accident.

Truck accidents are often devastating. If the driver of the other vehicle was the individual injured in the accident, it is possible that he or she may be considering legal options. Civil claims involving personal injury may lead to an individual being awarded compensation if the case is successful. Therefore, the injured party may wish to gather information on filing such a claim in Illinois to determine whether it could be a feasible course of action.

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