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Injured Illinois worker may be interested in temporary benefits

When a person faces a serious injury, he or she may worry how the injury will affect day-to-day activities. Injuries could result in a person's having to miss work, and as a outcome, they may face financial issues due to medical bills or lost income. If a person is injured on the job, the situation may result in an individual potentially qualifying for temporary benefits through workers' compensation. 

Impacts of Illinois motorcycle accidents may be felt by many

Individuals who do not follow the laws of the road could put themselves and other parties in danger. If drivers operate a vehicle recklessly or negligently, they may end up involved in a crash that could cause injury or death for innocent individuals. Motorcycle accidents can be particularly dangerous due to the lack of surrounding protection for cyclists, and injured parties may have cause to file legal claims.

2 dead, 2 injured in multi-car accident on Illinois Highway 159

Sometime after 8:45 a.m., the Illinois State Police received a call regarding an accident that occurred on Illinois Highway 159. When troopers arrived at the scene, they discovered the wreckage of three vehicles. Five people occupied the vehicles involved in the car accident.

Car accident could lead to wrongful death claims in Illinois

Family members who have lost a loved one in a car accident may want to explore their legal options. Because significant emotional and financial losses can result from fatal events, it is not uncommon for victims' families to file civil claims after a car accident. If interested, parties may want to better understand the available options and how taking such legal steps could affect their situation.

Car accident results when SUV runs red light in Illinois

Because having numerous vehicles and drivers of various ages on the roadways can pose considerable hazards, there are traffic and safety measures put in place. These can be in the form of traffic signals, signs that indicate when a driver should move through an intersection and/or posted speed limits. If parties do not pay attention to these signals and signs, a car accident is often the unfortunate result. 

Motorcycle accidents: Illinois crash results in fatality, injury

When an investigation must be opened into an event, it is important that as much information regarding the situation as possible is gathered. This information can help authorities determine what may have caused car and motorcycle accidents to take place and who may have potentially been at fault for such an incident. Determining the causes of and responsibility for an accident can play a considerable role in the aftermath of an accident. 

Fatal accident may lead to emotional losses for victims' families

Lanes are divided on roadways for the obvious reason of keeping travelers moving in the right direction. Unfortunately, many drivers do not remain in the correct lane while they are traveling. This action can cause vehicles to move into the opposite lanes of travel and into oncoming traffic. Typically, such incidents can result in a collision, and fatalities could occur. In such situations, family members may face considerable emotional losses

Illinois workers' compensation may interest injured worker

Suffering a work injury can be devastating on many levels. Serious injuries could alter the course of a person's life and cause them to miss time from work. Some may never be able to return to the job they once held. These issues typically result in an individual facing ongoing physical and financial difficulties. Luckily, many injured workers may be able to qualify for workers' compensation insurance benefits.

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