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Serious accidents: Semi-truck, tractor collide in Illinois

In many rural areas, it is not unusual for tractors and other farm equipment to share the roadway with other vehicles. However, individuals operating such equipment could be at risk of being seriously injured if they are involved in an accident. Serious accidents can result from incidents involving a tractor and a semi-truck.

Illinois family confronting emotional losses after accident

Drivers who fail to remain on the scene of an accident make the entire situation more complicated for everyone involved. Authorities are tasked with working diligently to find the driver as well as investigating how the accident took place. Family members who lost a loved one due to the actions of the hit-and-run driver may be anxiously waiting for that individual to be brought to justice. Once the individual is located, the family may want to look into seeking compensation for financial and emotional losses

Illinois family may consider workers' compensation after accident

Many workplaces have protocols and procedures in place to ensure the safety of their workers. Unfortunately, accidents take place on work sites too often, and individuals can find themselves seriously injured or loved ones can lose a family member. In cases that involve a worker becoming seriously or fatally injured, affected parties may be interested in workers' compensation benefits.

Motorcycle accidents: Riders killed in Illinois collision

It is often seemingly simple situations that can have the most devastating results. An accident that takes place between two vehicles simply because one entered the path of the other may seem like it could have been easily avoided, but unfortunately, such accidents often take place and can prove fatal. Motorcycle accidents can be especially susceptible to taking place under such circumstances due to motorcycles being more difficult to see than other vehicles. 

Car accident kills 1 man, injures another

When a serious automobile accident takes place on an Illinois roadway, the investigation into the matter begins from the moment emergency responders arrive at the scene. While firefighters and emergency medical providers work to render aid to those harmed in a car accident, police officers begin assessing the scene of the accident. The results of the investigative process can include criminal charges or even a civil suit for personal injury or wrongful death.

Individual killed after Illinois car accident

When a driver cuts off another driver, that second driver may have a limited time frame in which to react. In most cases, parties want to avoid a collision, but sadly, even taking evasive action can sometimes result in an accident taking place. When such a car accident does occur, a driver could be killed, and family may be left looking for answers. 

Pedestrian injured in Illinois car accident

Pedestrian accidents are always events that individuals hope to avoid. Unfortunately, a car accident involving a pedestrian may take place at any given time. This type of situation can become even more difficult when the driver involved does not remain at the scene. However, authorities will likely find drivers involved in such events, and seriously injured parties may wish to take legal action. 

Car accident kills Illinois driver

When a car accident takes place, the individuals involved will likely feel a sudden rush of various emotions. Shock, fright and pain are just a few things that a person may feel after a car accident, and unfortunately, the family members of someone killed in a crash may feel those same emotions. If a person is killed in an accident, the family may wish to file a legal claim in order to seek financial damages based upon evidence of negligence by another party to the tragedy.

Truck accidents: Illinois crash involves numerous vehicles

When drivers are sleepy, they can pose a considerable threat to themselves and other travelers. Sleepy drivers may not be paying as much attention to their actions or the actions of others, and even more dangerously, they could possibly fall asleep behind the wheel. Truck accidents that take place due to a driver falling asleep can cause substantial damage, and individuals could be injured. 

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