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Illinois family confronting emotional losses after accident

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2015 | Wrongful Death

Drivers who fail to remain on the scene of an accident make the entire situation more complicated for everyone involved. Authorities are tasked with working diligently to find the driver as well as investigating how the accident took place. Family members who lost a loved one due to the actions of the hit-and-run driver may be anxiously waiting for that individual to be brought to justice. Once the individual is located, the family may want to look into seeking compensation for financial and emotional losses

It was recently reported that an accident in Illinois involved a pedestrian and a hit-and-run driver. The pedestrian was reported as being a 54-year-old woman who was walking along the roadway after leaving a local concert. The driver of the car struck the pedestrian and then left the scene. 

The incident resulted in the pedestrian being fatally injured, and she was declared dead at an area hospital. At the time of the report, authorities were working to locate the driver of a dark colored SUV that likely had damage to the front and right side. Authorities are continuing to investigate, and criminal charges will likely be filed once the driver involved is located.

The family of the Illinois victim is likely shocked by the sudden loss of their loved one as well as the driver’s decision to leave the accident scene. Such a situation can be devastating to surviving family members, and they may face considerable turmoil in the wake of the events. When the driver is apprehended, the family is entitled to file a wrongful death claim against that individual in order to seek compensation for their emotional losses, financial burdens and other damages.

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