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Illinois woman dies in car accident

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents

When families lose loved ones who are young in age, they may think that the situation is unfair. Nonetheless, they must learn how to handle their loss and grief and will likely want to move forward from the situation. In order to do so, some individuals who have lost a loved one in a car accident may want to consider their legal options for pursuing compensation.

A family in Illinois may be looking into their options after a recent accident. It was reported that the driver of a sedan was attempting to enter a roadway from a side road when the accident occurred. The sedan driver reportedly did not yield the right of way to an oncoming SUV. As a result, the sedan struck the rear of the SUV. The driver of the SUV then lost control, and the vehicle turned over.

The driver of the SUV was partially thrown from the vehicle. It was reported that she suffered fatal injuries as a result of the incident. She was 21 years old. It was not reported whether the 60-year-old driver of the sedan was injured in the crash. It was noted that he was charged in the incident due to failing to yield. 

Due to the outcome of the car accident, the woman’s family will likely want to determine the best way to handle the situation. If they wish, they might want to consider filing a wrongful death claim. Such a claim could help them seek compensation for their loss, funeral expenses and other damages resulting from the tragic Illinois accident.

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