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Investigations are important after Illinois motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents

When a crash takes place, authorities have the duty of trying to determine what caused the accident. If the situation is a hit-and-run, investigators may initially believe that only one vehicle was involved. However, evidence and further investigating may reveal information that could prove vital when investigating car and/or motorcycle accidents.

It was recently reported that an Illinois accident involving a motorcycle was actually a hit-and-run. Reports stated that police originally thought the incident was a single-vehicle crash, but further exploration revealed that a second vehicle was also involved. A woman later turned herself in to the authorities and stated that she had been involved in the accident but had left the scene.

The accident resulted in the motorcyclist suffering fatal injuries. Because the motorcyclist was killed and could not be questioned, investigators had initially thought he had lost control of the motorcycle while traveling through a curve. Because the other driver has come forward, the woman is facing charges relating to the crash. Those charges include leaving the scene of an accident and failure to render aid. Even though this information has come to light, authorities are still continuing to investigate the incident.

This case shows that investigations are exceedingly important to motorcycle accidents and other crashes that take place. Because the situation resulted in a death and criminal charges, the family of the victim may want to explore their legal choices. Filing a wrongful death claim could allow them to seek compensation from the driver considered at fault, and if that driver is convicted of the charges leveled against her, that outcome could potentially increase the chance of success for a civil claim in Illinois.

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