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Truck accidents: Illinois driver struck by tractor trailer

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2015 | Truck Accidents

Many individuals know that it is important to be cautious on and around roadways. Even if individuals are stopped on the side of the road, they could be at risk of being injured. Car and truck accidents can take place due to various reasons, and if an individual is struck, it is likely that serious injuries will result. If this type of accident does occur, legal claims could be warranted. 

It was recently reported that an accident involving a tractor trailer in Illinois proved fatal. The driver of a tow truck had apparently stopped his truck in order to move a broken-down vehicle from the roadway. While outside the tow truck, the driver was hit by a tractor trailer. It was noted that the rotating lights on top of the tow truck were operating when the incident occurred. 

The tow truck operator unfortunately succumbed to the injuries suffered in the accident. He was declared dead on the scene. The driver of the tractor trailer was issued citations for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle and another violation. Authorities are continuing to investigate the fatal event, and more information may be available at a later time. 

Truck accidents of any sort are always unfortunate affairs. When the incident results in the death of an individual, the family of the victim will likely want as many answers as possible regarding how to handle their loss. If they feel it could be right for them, the family of this victim may wish to consider filing a wrongful death claim in order to seek reparations for damages permissible under Illinois law.

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