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Car accident injures 3, kills woman in Illinois

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2015 | Car Accidents

When a fatal accident takes place, determining what caused the crash is an important task. Authorities are likely still investigating a recent car accident that took place in Illinois that involved a disabled truck and two other vehicles. Reports stated that the big rig had been parked on the side of the Interstate over night after breaking down. A compact car traveled onto the shoulder where the truck was stopped and crashed into the back of it.

This initial collision resulted in an SUV hitting the first car. The SUV had been traveling behind the car when the first impact took place. Authorities were uncertain as to why the first car had traveled onto the shoulder where the truck was parked.

The incident resulted in multiple injuries and one fatality. A passenger in the vehicle that struck the truck was ejected and suffered fatal injuries. She was pronounced dead on the scene and was reported as being 36 years old. The driver of the first car was injured and transported from the scene by helicopter. Both the driver and passenger in the SUV were also injured and taken to an area hospital for treatment.

The family of the woman who died in this car accident will likely face emotional and financial losses in the wake of the crash. If they wish to do so, they may find gathering information on ways to seek compensation helpful. Filing a wrongful death claim could allow them to pursue reparations against the driver considered at fault. Similarly, the injured individuals who survived the crash may wish to look into personal injury claims in order to pursue compensation of their own for damages resulting from the Illinois accident.

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