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Car accident injures several individuals at Illinois church

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2015 | Car Accidents

A recent accident in Illinois left multiple people suffering from injuries. It was reported that the car accident took place when a 72-year-old driver lost control of her vehicle and traveled into the front of a church. There was apparently a food drive taking place at the church when the incident occurred, and multiple individuals were standing in line when the car hit the church. 

Reports stated that the vehicle struck tables that had been set up for the food drive as well as many people who were in line. One woman in particular apparently became trapped between the car and a wall of the church. She suffered multiple broken bones, including a broken leg, shoulder and ankle. Another individual on the scene was reported as suffering two broken legs. 

In total, six individuals were hurt in the crash. The driver of the vehicle was counted among those individuals, but it was unclear what exact injuries she may have suffered. It was not reported what may have caused the woman to lose control of her car, and the incident will likely continue to be investigated. It was also not mentioned whether any charges could potentially stem from the incident. 

The multiple people seriously injured in the car accident may want to consider seek compensation for their injuries resulting from the event. Filing personal injury claims against the driver considered at fault could allow those injured individuals to pursue reparations for medical costs, time away from work, pain and suffering and/or other allowable damages. Information on filing such claims in Illinois may help interested parties determine whether they would like to move forward with such action.

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