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Wrong-way driver causes serious Illinois car accident

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2015 | Car Accidents

Drivers who get behind the wheels of vehicles while impaired run a serious risk of being involved in accidents that could harm them and other individuals. When such a car accident takes place, innocent individuals could be seriously injured or even killed due to the actions of a drunk driver. Individuals who have been victims of such events may wish to consider their legal options.

It was recently reported that an accident in Illinois resulted in injuries to multiple people. Reportedly, a 22-year-old driver was traveling north in the southbound lanes when the crash occurred. The wrong-way vehicle struck three other vehicles that were traveling south. One of the vehicles had at least three occupants, but it was unclear how many other people may have been involved.

The crash resulted in a 16-year-old boy suffering critical injuries. Those injuries required him to undergo surgery soon after the accident. It was noted that another individual was critically injured and at least four other people suffered undisclosed injuries. It was noted, however, that the driver of the wrong-way vehicle was seriously injured, but those injuries were not considered life threatening. It was also mentioned that alcohol was a factor in the accident, but no charges had been filed at the time of the report.

When an impaired driver causes a car accident, some individuals may feel lucky to be alive. Others, however, may have suffered severe injuries that need serious medical attention. For the individuals injured in this Illinois crash, filing personal injury claims may be an option to consider. A successful civil claim could allow them to be awarded compensation for damages from the driver considered at fault.

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