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Car accident may mean wrongful death claims in Illinois

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2016 | Wrongful Death

Family members who lose loved ones in car accidents typically have a lot on their plates as they work to handle the tragedy. There will likely be funeral arrangements that need to be made and other serious decisions that can be emotionally exhausting as well as financially challenging. As a result of these difficulties, surviving family members may wish to consider filing a legal claim for wrongful death when circumstances warrant that action.

One family in Illinois may be considering such action after a recent crash. It was reported that only one vehicle was involved in the accident and that there were three occupants in the vehicle at the time. The driver of the car was reported as being a 26-year-old male, and an adult female passenger was reported as being 22 years old. The third occupant was described as an infant.

The accident occurred when the vehicle left the roadway and crashed into a ditch. The car then flipped onto its side and slid before striking a fence and a tree. The vehicle came to a rest on its top. As a result of the crash, all three occupants suffered fatal injuries. The woman and baby were declared dead at the crash site, and the driver succumbed to his injuries after being taken to the hospital.

Because multiple deaths resulted from this Illinois crash, it would not be unlikely for the surviving family of the deceased passengers to take legal action. Filing wrongful death claims against the estate of the driver considered at fault could help them seek compensation for emotional and monetary losses that may stem from the fatal crash. Information on such civil claims could allow them to determine whether taking that step could be right for them.

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