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Truck accidents: Illinois students hurt in crash with semis, bus

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2016 | Truck Accidents

Many Illinois parents put their kids on school buses in the mornings and wait for them to be dropped off in the afternoons. This mode of transportation can help children get to their schools in timely and relatively safe manners. However, school buses could potentially be involved in car or truck accidents, and parents may receive news that their children have been seriously injured after such events.

It was recently reported that an accident took place involving a school bus and two semi trucks. All three vehicles were apparently traveling the same direction, and the school bus was behind one truck and in front of the other. It was reported that the school bus was stopped when it was hit from behind. The impact caused the bus to be pushed into the truck in front of it.

The incident resulted in nine students suffering injuries. Their ages were not given in the report. Although their injuries were not considered life threatening, the students were hospitalized in order to receive treatment. Authorities were still investigating the incident and working to determine whether any citations could be warranted.

Truck accidents can often have devastating outcomes, so the parents of the injured children may simply be relieved that their children survived. Nonetheless, the injuries they suffered may require considerable recovery time, which may lead to the burden of medical expenses for the parents and pain and suffering for the children. As a result, those parents whose children were seriously hurt may wish to look into filing personal injury claims against the driver considered responsible. Such claims could prove useful in the pursuit of compensation for damages resulting from this Illinois crash.

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