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Illinois man may explore workers’ compensation options

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2016 | Workers' Compensation

Being injured on the job can cause serious setbacks for anyone. In addition to pain and recovery hardships, an injured worker could face financial difficulties due to medical bills and lost wages because of time away from work. Such difficulties could make a tough situation seem even worse, but luckily, injured parties may be able to qualify for workers’ compensation.

One worker in Illinois may be exploring such an option after a recent accident. Reports stated that the individual was working in a train tunnel when he fell from a ladder. He apparently landed on the tracks near one of the train stations. Luckily, he was not hit by any trains after falling. No one else appeared to have been involved or injured in the accident, and it was unclear what may have contributed to the worker’s fall.

It was also unclear what exact injuries he may have suffered as a result of the fall. Though the injuries did not appear to be life-threatening, the man was transported to the hospital. He was considered to be in fair-to-serious condition at the time of the report. While the situation was being attended to, trains were rerouted to other tracks.

Though the worker likely feels at least a modicum of relief that his injuries were not worse, he could still find himself in a tough spot. Recovery could take an extended period of time depending on his injuries, and as a result, he could need financial assistance. If he feels it could be right for him, he may wish to explore his options for seeking workers’ compensation in Illinois and to determine whether he could potentially qualify for benefits.

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