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Motorcycle accidents can occur all year long

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents

The time for riding motorcycles is almost over for the season in southern Illinois. Even though some drivers might think that motorcycle riders aren’t going to be on the roadways, they must still watch out for them because you never know when a biker will feel the need to hit the open road.

No matter when a motorcycle crash occurs, there is a good chance that the biker is going to suffer serious injuries. Some of these include head injuries and spinal cord injuries. Whether you are a biker or another motorist, here are some points you need to remember about motorcycles and accidents involving them:

Motorcyclists deserve proper right of way

Motorists failing to abide by right of ways laws is a common cause of motorcycle accidents. In fact, accidents that involve a motorcycle and another vehicle are caused by the motorist in two-thirds of cases. These are all accidents that could have been prevented if the drivers had simply decided to yield the right of way properly.

Visibility can make a difference

One issue that sometimes creeps up where motorcycles are concerned is that motorcycles are hard to spot. These vehicles have a profile that is much smaller than a regular vehicle. Often, a motorcycle might be hidden behind shrubs and other objects. Intersections are a special area of concern for motorcycles, so drivers must be extra cautious here. Taking a few extra seconds to double check for motorcyclists can go a long way toward saving motorcyclists.

Motorcycle accidents are serious

A motorcyclist is five times more likely than occupants in passenger vehicles to suffer injuries. These injuries vary greatly from road rash to brain injuries. Helmets do help to protect the head, but injuries can still occur. Broken bones and spinal cord injuries are also possible when a motorcyclist is struck by a vehicle.

These crashes can be deadly

There is a chance that the motorcyclist can die in the crash. Motorcycle riders are 26 times more likely to die in an accident than people who are in other vehicles. There isn’t any frame or other components to protect the motorcyclist, so there is a chance that they will suffer a direct hit by the other vehicle or get thrown from the bike.

When an injury or fatality occurs, the motorcyclist or their loved ones might choose to seek compensation for the accident. This can help to cover the costs related to the crash.