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What are the top causes of trucking accidents?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2017 | Truck Accidents

Driving through the state of Illinois all but guarantees that you will regularly find yourself in close proximity to commercial trucks.

Even though most truckers and trucking companies do whatever they can to prevent trouble on the road, there are still times when accidents happen.

Here are some of the top causes of trucking accidents, not only in Illinois but throughout every other state in the country:

  • System of compensation that promotes reckless behavior, such as breaking the speed limit or not getting enough rest
  • Inadequate training, such as that related to defensive driving and driving technique
  • Drowsy driving, often a result of a trucker who does not follow federal regulations for how many consecutive hours they can be on the road
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, including prescription medication that can cause drowsiness
  • Any form of distracted driving, with texting and talking on cellphones at the top of the list
  • Any form of reckless driving, such as speeding, failure to yield and tailgating

To go along with these things, there are steps you can take as a driver to prevent trouble on the road. For example, don’t drive in a trucker’s blind spot, as this greatly increases the chance of a crash.

No matter how hard you try to remain safe, you could be part of a trucking accident at some point. This is every bit as dangerous as it sounds, so you need a plan.

Your health and well-being is top priority, so don’t forget to check yourself for injuries and call 911 for immediate medical assistance.

Even if you aren’t feeling any ill effects immediately following the crash, you should still receive a medical examination. Some injuries don’t present symptoms right away.

Once you understand your injuries and the treatment you require, you can take a look back at the accident with the idea of learning more about what went wrong. When doing so, keep your legal rights in mind, as you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries and other damages.