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Living the farming life? Be careful to avoid these accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

Without farmers putting in a lot of work, the country wouldn’t have fresh foods to enjoy. Many people don’t know how unsafe this profession is, but the large equipment, outdoor environment and nature of the job makes this is a dangerous job.

Whether people are working a small farm or a commercial operation, the dangers are present. Everyone must be aware of these hazards and how to work around them so that they can all return home at the end of the day.

Injuries are common

On a daily basis, there are approximately 100 people who work in the agriculture industry who are injured to the point that they have to miss work. This equates to tens of thousands of people who are injured in this industry each year. Some of these injuries, such as sprains and strains, can mean that the person’s financial situation is impacted due to missed work.

Causes of injuries

There are many causes of injuries in the farming industry. The heavy equipment, such as combines and tractors, can be the source of the injuries. Many farm injuries come from working around or on these machines.

Learning the proper procedures for working this equipment, whether you are trying to fix it or trying to get a day’s work done, can help to keep you and those you work with safe. Making sure that you don’t have any loose clothing or strings hanging down is imperative when you are working near machinery that has moving parts.

Falling into grain bins and silos is another hazard that workers face. Grain and other goods housed in these structures aren’t stable. If workers fall into the bin or silo, they can easily sink, which could lead to a suffocation accident. Being suffocated is one of the leading causes of deaths related to grain bins. Explosions and grain dust exposure are also possible.

Exposure to the outdoor elements is another hazard that all farm workers face. Hot conditions in the summer can lead to heat stroke, dehydration and other issues. Cold conditions in the winter can lead to frostbite and hypothermia.

When accidents do happen

Many workers who suffer an injury on a farm need to seek out urgent medical care. There is a good chance that these workers won’t be able to return to work. Their family members might have to pick up the slack. Farm owners who are injured might be placed in a really bad spot. Ultimately, seeking compensation might be possible. Workers might be able to file for workers’ compensation. People who are injured by defective equipment may file a third-party lawsuit.