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The trauma of a brain injury: Recovery

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2018 | Personal injury

It was your child’s first time driving on his own, and you thought everything would be fine. He learned to drive well and was responsible. What you couldn’t account for was that other drivers were on the roads acting recklessly.

Your teen ended up in a serious crash, but, fortunately, he only suffered a mild-to-moderate head injury. The doctors believe he’ll recover, but you want to know how soon that will happen.

1. All brain injuries are different

Even if you hit your head in the same place as someone else, you may not react in the same way to that injury. You could have a minor injury while another person has one much worse. For instance, if you hit the back of your head, your vision may be affected. You could lose it completely, or you could have it appear uneven or discolored. There’s no way to be sure how your injury will affect you in the long term until you begin treatment and heal.

2. Brain injuries require time to heal

Some brain injuries take only a few weeks to begin healing well, while others require months or years. No matter how long it takes, you deserve care and therapy throughout your recovery. Recovery may be a lifelong process, so it’s important to prepare for that possibility when you make your claim against the party who injured you.

3. Medical treatments vary

Since brain injuries vary, the kind of treatments available to you may vary as well. Some may benefit from medications to help balance hormones, whereas others may benefit from rehabilitation or memory training.

After a crash like this, focus on getting the compensation necessary to support your child. It’s important to seek as much as you need for ongoing medical care, financial support and other losses.