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Beware of brain injuries if you’ve been in a car crash

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2018 | Car Accidents

The force of a car crash can have a host of repercussions on the body. These effects vary based on several factors related to the crash. Brain injuries are among the most common, and potentially life-changing, consequences of an accident on the roadways.

Brain injuries are very serious matters, even if the injury is considered minor. They can have an impact on just about every aspect of your life so you must be sure that you are getting the treatment necessary to minimize potential damage.

Causes of brain injuries in car crashes

There are three main causes of brain injuries in a car crash. The most common is that you hit your head during the accident. This would cause pretty obvious discomfort and is a good reason to seek medical care after the accident.

Another cause of a brain injury in a car crash is the violent motion of the crash. The back and forth or side to side movement that occurs at the time of impact can jar the brain. If the brain slams into the skull hard enough, the brain can be damaged even if there isn’t a blow to the head. This is similar to what happens with shaken baby syndrome.

The third cause is penetration from an outside object. This occurs when something goes through the skull and into the brain. These injuries are serious since they can introduce bacteria and germs directly into the brain.

Impacts on your life

The impacts these brain injuries have on your life might shock you. Even a minor concussion can have long-lasting effects. If you experience multiple concussions, there is a chance that you could suffer from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which can cause mood changes and is only able to be diagnosed after death.

All brain injuries can affect your ability to concentrate and remember things. This can make it hard to function at home, but it might make it impossible to do your job. You might find that it is close to impossible to do things the correct way at work, especially if you have a job that requires attention to small details.

There are ways that you might be able to reduce the impacts on your life. Seeking such tools and resources can be critical to carry on as positively and with as much hope as possible after your life has been suddenly changed by a brain injury.